Survey: Odd Towns!

Please tell me what you think and help me write a future book!

In this survey, I'm interested in how interestingly odd you think some genuine British town, village and hamlet names. Here, odd" can mean mad, whimsical, crazy or just downright unusual.

About You

1. Give me a name - a first name, a nickname, whatever - to whom I can attribute anything memorable you might tell me. Remember, this is supposed to be anonymous.

2. Tell me your age using any units you choose and as vague as you like.

3. Tell me your sex or gender or whatever you think I might be asking. Or answer an entirely different question if you prefer that instead. There's no judging here.

Some Possibly Insightful Nonsense That's Also About You

For a little background, here are three silly, randomly chosen but entirely optional questions for me to learn something about you. (Silly answers, as always, are welcome.)

4. An evil genie says a part of your body must be transformed into food forever. Which bit of your body and what food?

5. You have been given the job of writing the Eleventh Commandment. What is it?

6. As her temporary P.A., Gwyneth Paltrow is feeling hungry. It's your last day. What takeaway do you order for her?

Finally, Some Proper Questions

7. What is the ODDEST place you've been to?

8. Name the ODDEST famous person (real or fictional)? Why?

9. Name the LEAST ODD famous person (real or fictional)? Why?

10. What's the oddest thing you've ever done?

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