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The Quest for the Holy Quail

In early 2020 I was happily cycling around Morocco when Covid-19 showed its ugly face. As the country closed down around me, things got hairy. Welcome to my new book - The Quest for the Holy Quail - an honest look at modern Morocco and its weirder food with a sprinkling of added plague.

My journey took me along both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, through the Atlas, Anti-Atlas and Rif mountain ranges, to almost every major city, through its famous gorges and into the desert - and always with a plateful of food.

I hope you enjoy it and have a laugh along the way!

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Freewheeling - A Taste of European Cycling

This bargain collection includes standalone chapters from each of my first five cycling books: "No Place Like Home, Thank God"; "Hungry for Miles"; "Route Britannia", parts 1 & 2; and "Biking Broken Europe". Over 100 pages in length!

I'd originally hoped to provide this book for free - hence its name - but Amazon licensing laws prevent that. Therefore, Freewheeling will always be available at the lowest price I'm allowed to sell it for, which is 99 cents in Europe, USA, Australia and Canada and 99p in the UK. Also available for a tiny amount in other locations.

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