Biking Broken Europe

Chapter 1: Andalusia, Eastern Andalusia and Murcia (Spain)

The eastern end of the Costa del Sol (Andalusia)

The desolate road to Cabo de Gata (Eastern Andalusia/Andalusia)

Monsul Beach (Eastern Andalusia/Andalusia)

Wending my way up the coast to Mojacar (Eastern Andalusia/Andalusia)

The village of Aledo (Murcia)

The 1,574 metres of the Morrón de Espuña (Murcia)

The ghost-free "haunted" sanatorium (Murcia)

Inside (Murcia)

Still inside (Murcia)

Murcia's cathedral (Murcia)

The Miracle of the Non-ingested Wasp (Murcia)

Biking Broken Europe: 6,000 Miles through an Unstable Continent

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