Biking Broken Europe

Chapter 2: Valencia, Catalonia and Val d'Aran (Spain)

On the way to Elche (Valencia)

Renata! (Valencia)

That, my friends, is a farton (Valencia)

And that's the Holy Grail (Valencia)

A street in Peñiscola (Valencia)

Spanish agriculture (Catalonia)

The abandoned village of Corbera d'Ebre (Catalonia)

On the way to the Pyrenees (Catalonia)

Love that cliff face! (Catalonia)

Mmm...that's where I was heading (Catalonia)

And I got there (Catalonia)

Boy, did I get there! (Catalonia)

And proof I made it to the top (Catalonia)

Sledging into Val d'Aran (Val d'Aran)

And rolling into Vielha (Val d'Aran)

Biking Broken Europe: 6,000 Miles through an Unstable Continent

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