Hungry for Miles

Cycling across Europe on 1 a Day

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Day 1: The view of Liverpool from Birkenhead. Pretty, ain't it?

Day 1: The full team poses at Flint Castle. The weather was so sunny that Dave managed to turn his legs into something reminiscent of pork scratchings.

Day 2: Near Conwy, Joe and Dave were fishing or, as we later renamed the activity, uselessly-pointing-a-stick-at-some-water.

Day 3: With Geraint, the nicest man in Wales.

Day 4: An afternoon playing in rock pools near Tywyn resulted in this wide-ranging collection of seaweeds. We added bladderwrack to that evening's dinner. It's bloody rubbish.

Day 5: My misguided attempt to make elderflower wine.

Day 7: Pretty Fishguard.

Day 8: Even prettier Tenby.

Day 8: How was our camp tonight? A load of bullocks!

Day 9: My nose the morning after I fell off in Swansea.

Day 10: A night in Farmer Rob's field near Pyle.

Day 12: Dave finds himself in the stocks for crimes against facial hair. We searched for some suitable vegetable with which to pelt him, but the local shop was all out of tinned tomatoes.

Day 12: Crossing the Severn into England.

Day 13: Mark, enjoying a bit of cross-dressing. (They were his wife's pants.)

Day 14: Generous Eric...

Day 15: ...and the delicious breakfast he made us.

Day 15: Porlock Hill or, to give it its real name, Stupid Effing Hill, is the UK's steepest A-road. And a B-road we tackled later that day was even steeper. No wonder Mark was complaining.

Day 16: Dave and Maureen, providers of The Goody Bag.

Day 17: A lovely Good Luck message from tonight's host Neil's son.

Day 18: Mark, Jackie and Mark, from whom Mark "negotiated" their leftovers. Why is everyone called Mark?

Day 19: Joe makes a fruity dessert.

Day 21: Dave demonstrates his preaching skills while Joe lays down some hard house piano riffs at Dave's chapel in Lyme Regis...

Day 21: ...and fish 'n' chips donated by Dave's dad later that day. The House of God temporarily became a house of cod.

Day 22: Cycling through Chickerell we were attacked by a ten foot tall Cyber Bear. Unfortunately the screwdriver I was carrying wasn't sonic. It was fitting that we should meet a Doctor Who-style foe because in a lot of the resorts on the south coast I felt like we'd gone back in time.

Day 23: A wishing tree near the wild camp we found in the woods in Poole.

Day 24: Our first night's picnic/camp site in northern France.

Day 25: Our second night had a view of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Day 26: The magnificient Mont-Saint-Michel close up.

Day 26: One of the more comprehensible "squiggle maps".

Day 26: Always a clue that not much happens around here: People shooting holes in road signs.

Day 26: A kite display. The long, tubular one frequently slapped passers-by.

Day 26: A fine collection of fruit.

Day 27: Dave strips yet another tree.

Day 27: Plums!

Day 28: Our campsite, near Penhoat Chateau.

Day 29: French fishing was as unproductive as our English fishing.

Day 30: Taxi bastard!

Day 31: The lovely village of Locranon.

Day 32: Pretty!

Day 32: The team arrive at St Cado's gaff.

Day 32: A bridge in the village of Bono. We didn't want to get too close to The Edge.

Day 34: Former Nazi base, now a tourist office in Saint-Nazaire.

Day 34: The team near the rubbish Eurovelo 1 cycle path.

Day 35: Sunny flowers.

Day 36: Breakfast with Mark, Susie and family.

Day 36: A ship hanging from a ceiling of a church. Why?

Day 37: Go on. Go into a French hairdresser's and ask for a blond shag.

Day 38: Vineyards near Bordeaux.

Day 38: An ISIS-inspired stained glass window.

Day 39: R.I.P. Blackburn's chances of promotion.

Day 39: French cycle path.

Day 41: Spanish cycle path.

Day 41: Dave and a girlfriend.

Day 42: Soon to be turned into jam.

Day 42: The hills of Spain.

Day 44: The long roads of Spain.

Day 45: The highest pass.

Day 45: Village in the Picos de Europa.

Day 46: *Snigger*

Day 46: Not the place I'd have built a chemical plant.

Day 47: A lake of pea soup.

Day 47: Gulp!

Day 47: Camping on a mountain top.

Day 49: Just one of four similar passes today.

Day 51: Pilgrims on the road to Santiago.

Day 51: Pilgrims in the square outside the cathedral.

Day 51: *Snigger* part 2.

Day 52: Spanish lakes.

Day 53: Over the hill into Portugal.

Day 53: Down the hill into Portugal.

Day 53: Further down the hill into Portugal.

Day 53: Portuguese lakes.

Day 54: The river in Amarante.

Day 55: Pretty Portugal.

Day 55: Beware of the bees!

Day 56: Anne's beautiful house near Viseu.

Day 56: Dave, Joe, Anne and James.

Day 56: Anne's grapes.

Day 56: Forest fires or World War 3?

Day 57: Views from the Sky Road.

Day 58: Dave straddles two proud nations.

Day 58: The old Roman bridge at Alcantara.

Day 59: Our evening meal at a picnic site not far from Alcantara.

Day 60: Welcome to Miajadas, Tomato City.

Day 62: And finally into Andalusia.

Day 63: Some of the best cycling in Europe.

Day 64: Dry and dusty Spain.

Day 65: Up the long hill from Cortes de la Frontera.

Day 66: Over there, in the mist, is Gibraltar.

Day 66: A monkey in Gibraltar. And a Barbary Ape too.

Hungry for Miles: Cycling across Europe on 1 a Day

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