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The Europe by Bicycle Project (formerly UniCycle50) was the name of the cycling (and studying) project that resulted in my first book, No Place Like Home, Thank God. Over the course of three years I cycled 22,000 miles between 52 capital cities of Europe. I extended this project in 2018 while cycling through 39 areas of Europe that, in some way, want independence, and then wrote Biking Broken Europe. I called the combined projects Europe by Bicycle. All future bike-based projects will be done under the banner of the associated Facebook group.

Everywhere in Morocco (Jan-Mar 2020)

Morocco was close enough to Europe for it to be included in the Europe by Bicycle project. This ride was completed - well, almost - but was interrupted very near the end by the recent plague. Still, this adventure, which took me through all the country's mountain ranges, along both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, through the desert, to Chefchaouen, Tetouan, Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Essaouira, Agadir and dozens of inland towns, was excellent and involved some very interesting food. The book of the journey - The Quest for the Holy Quail - is out now.

No Map, No Compass (Oct/Nov 2020)

In a world of satnavs and Garmins I wanted to see how difficult it'd be to get from northern England to southern Spain without a map or a compass. I set off in a brief window of reduced Covidity and when cross-channel ferries were allowing cyclists again. Halfway through France, things took a plaguey turn for the worst and then Spain closed down ahead of me too. The experiment worked though, in a way that I should probably have expected. Through France the wind blew steadily from the south-west - my direction - and in Spain the sun was out often enough to provide a natural compass. Sadly, because of the virus, almost all hotels and restaurants were closed and the locals wisely kept their distance from me. Since people and food are an important part of all my travel books, there won't be one written for this project.

Scotland's West Coast Islands (?When Things Reopen?)

I'm hoping to spend a relaxing few months with my bike and fishing rod on Scotland's west coast, visiting every inhabited island. But who knows when that will be possible? Later, as part two of this project, I plan to do all the islands of Orkney and Shetland.

The Route Britannia Project

Route Britannia was my tour during five months of 2016, cycling through every one of the 97 counties of mainland Britain. I had no predetermined route but moved from place to place based on suggestions I received from people on the road, friends, Facebook and cycling forums. I don't have an exact mileage - by cycle computer broke after a couple of weeks - but I estimate it to have been around 5,000 miles. Two books describe this trip - Route Britannia, the Journey South and the more recently released Route Britannia, the Journey North.

The Ride and Seek 2015 Project

On 16th June 2015 I left Liverpool with a small team of fellow cyclists and attempted to reach Gibraltar, surviving on only 1 a day with the hope that most of our food would come from fishing and foraging. The 66-day, 3,400-mile route took us through Wales, south-west England, France, Spain and Portugal. The book of the adventure - Hungry for Miles - is available now.

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